1. Please Check your Pockets & Remove any items.
  2.  Please remove any pins or badges from clothing.
  3. We cannot take reasonability for Lost or damaged to Items are left on or in any clothes.
  4. Ink can cause damage to your clothes and to our Machines please ensure you have not left any pens in your clothes. If a pen leaks you may be liable for cost incurred.
  5. We cannot take any responsibility for lost or damaged Buttons, zips & trims sequent.
  6. Clothes for Dry Cleaning are cleaned to manufactures Instructions.

Where there is not Manufactures instructions items are cleaned at owners risk.


Laundry Service, Wash & Dry

It is your responsibility to ensure all items in your bags are Wet Washable & Dryer safe.
If you think you have something not Wet Washable or Dryer safe, please advise our staff.

All items are washed together and treated as a mixed wash.
If you require separate washes these must be give in two separated bags other wise it is
treated as a mixed wash.
An addition charge will apply if you require use to separate your wash

We take no responsibility for colour runs or shrinkage in services washes.


Sorting Service

We Can sort out you’re washing into Lights, Darks & Whites ask
out staff about sorting your wash. Additional Fees will apply.

Stain spotting.
While sorting your clothes we can offer stain treatments. Additional
Fees will apply.

As we do our best to treat and remove stains not all stains can be removed.


Duvets & Curtains

All duvet & curtains must be pre-paid. We are sorry if this causes you any inconvenience. 


All Items must be collected within 30 Days of been left in.
Any Items left over 30 days will incur a Storage fee of €1 per day & €2 for bulk items
Where Items go over and require recleaning the full cost of a reclean will apply. Paid in advance.
Any items left longer than 90 Days will be sold or donated to Charity.
If you are not happy with our service or we have missed something, please contact us within 24 hours of collection and return the unworn item with the store tags still in place so we can fix the issue. (where store tags are remove we cannot take any responsibility)


If you are missing something, please let us know within 24 hours of collection so we can effectively track it down.

If you feel you have had a bad experience with our staff or services, please contact us.


Complaints can be made to: [email protected]